14 May 2023

Published on 14 May 2023 at 20:08

This evening began as any other, I took my position at the main entrance of Soi Cowboy and waited. I intended to get photographic evidence of some of the things I have been seeing. I have added a picture in the gallery under the “Soi Cowboy” tab showing what appears to be a young girl walking with a man that may or may not be a parent or guardian. Regardless of the adult’s role, it is quite odd to see children transit through this area. There are alternate routes that would be easier to transit and contain fewer people and no exposure to this environment. A few hotels are located on the other side of Soi Cowboy, opposite where I am staging. This could be a possible excuse but, given the choice, most would take the easier path. This Person however did not and chose to take this little girl through not only a street lined with bars, but strip clubs and brothels line the street as well. The women that work in these establishments take to the street like carnival barkers promoting their wares. Some of these interactions can be aggressive at times, meaning they will sometime try to physically steer you into the establishment.

This was not the first child I have seen transit this area, but she is the first I have photographed as proof of the presence of children in these types of areas. It should be noted that this little girl and others I have witnessed on this street have walked in plain view of security and police officers alike. According to salaryexpert.com, the average Bangkok police officer earns ฿651,894 (Baht) annually which is the equivalent of $21,729 U.S. dollars (USD) which may not sound like a lot but is slightly above average, so inattentiveness or complacency could be an issue. I have watched the officers around me pay more attention to their phones than their surroundings. The small act of denying access to these areas would be a great start to combatting the human some of the human trafficking issues.

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