12 May 2023

Published on 12 May 2023 at 20:35

Well, this night was a “washout” because of the rain, or at least I had to cut short my evening. I tried a new area I heard about called Khao San Road, this was described as a place tourists and locals alike frequented, and it was considered to be financially cheaper than Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza. As you can see in the photos of the “Bangkok Pictures” tab, the area flooded very fast. But before the rain began, I was able to traverse the heaving throngs of partygoers and establish somewhat of an understanding of how the area worked.  Generally, the area is flanked on either side by restaurants and food stalls serving every type of food imaginable from a normal array of foods found in Thailand to the exotic like scorpions and spiders. In the middle of all this, you find the heart of the Khao San. It’s a mix of techno music and reggae meant to fuel the patrons into a massive rave-like environment.

I only spotted one child in this area as I was on my way out, he was being led by the hand by what I guess was his father. The pair moved with a purposeful stride, not that of sightseers. The child’s facial expressions were that of worry and uncertainty. I would estimate the child’s age to be around three because the only clothes he wore were a diaper of some sort and sandals. Although he continued to walk, it was the kind of walk you might see when a child is being punished. Before I could get a good look at the person holding his hand they disappeared into the crowd. Some may explain this by saying I am being hypersensitive to my surrounding but based on previous trips to Thailand and exposure to what I consider “normal” behavioral traits when something is different it tends to stick out more. This is a practice I learned from one of my greatest mentors while I was training as an emergency medical technician (EMT). She would say, “Always record vitals on patients even if you know them to be normal, this way when they are not normal, it will stand out to you.”  This is why I take nothing for granted and trust that when something seems different, it usually is different.  

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