May, 07, 2023

Published on 7 May 2023 at 23:12

I arrived in the area of Soi Cowboy just after midnight to find the street was packed with people from all over the world. I walked the street from beginning to end and back to see the way the people and the energy of the street flowed. The crescendo of opposing musical genres was at times deafening and different smells of hot people, food, marijuana smoke, and alcohol accosted the senses. I was, however, able to find an appealing vantage point near the main access of the street and watch the ebb and flow of tourists and locals alike, it reminded me of watching the operations of an ant colony. I was able to observe quite a bit of social interaction between people entering and exiting the first couple of establishments at the front of the street. I did not see anyone that appeared to be forced to come or go with anyone nor did they exhibit any fear of the people they seemed familiar with. Although I did see certain facial cues and body language of some women that could be associated with disdain or disgust as a result of drunken attention from a few men in the bar as they passed. But for the most part security and the local police were everywhere, so if anyone was to get out of hand, it would not bode well.

The areas around Soi Cowboy take on a similar atmosphere to a carnival or fair once they become busy. At both ends of the street, you can find food carts and vendors selling everything from watches to French fries. I even saw an elderly woman walking around selling stuffed animals. I was glad to find a spot to sit and watch because as soon as you begin to walk someone wants you to buy something or come into their establishment. I believe I have found a prime spot so as to minimize this distraction during my continues surveillance.

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